by Blush



A smooth trap track with dark, sensual vibes.


You kiss my body, love me slow, nothing could make this better
I, we in overdrive
On go like green lights
We in Overdrive, we in overdrive
Your body on mine, we in overdrive x2

Everytime I see you, ya fly like kites, smelling like new money always working something slight
Thats what makes me want you, I choose you everytime
Past kind of sketchy but that story I'll rewrite
Curbon niggas like bikes, they on my heels like Jacob shoes
Feeling like a baby separating all I want is you

Be my midday weekend
Your body is my weakness


released September 19, 2015
Written by Blush




Blush Chicago, Illinois

Is there any such thing as the best bad? Or the worst good? Well these contrasting combinations are evident when experiencing the lyrics of Blush. The self proclaimed "Trap Goddess" has written popular singles such as “Drill” and “Gateway” , dominated the DJ airways and has continued to write trap hits the average population of her peers can relate to. ... more

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